At SilverHouse, one of the marketing services we provide is client testimonial videos, so we wanted to take a moment to highlight what these videos can do to help build your brand online.

What Are Testimonial Videos?

Testimonial videos capture the essence of what makes your business special from the client’s perspective. The best way to find out what your clients like about you is simply to ask them, and when they provide positive feedback, the best way to share that is through a well-produced testimonial video.

Our real estate client testimonial videos are filmed right after a client has sold or purchased a property in order to capture the initial excitement your clients feel after taking this major life step. Capturing this moment on video is perfect for putting prospective clients at ease, as the most trustworthy source for clients is not someone in the real estate business, but someone just like them.

This can also work for any other type of business. Whether you’re selling houses or baking cupcakes, your clients and customers are the best and most reliable source of information about you, so why not share all of the good things they have to say?

What Are the Benefits?

Studies have found that people looking for information online are much more likely to trust a testimonial from someone they’ve never met over an advertisement. Research from Socialnomics has found that only 14% of online users trust advertising, while 70% trust other web users, and 90% trust people they know. The Wall Street Journal also found that 92% of people trust online sources more than salespeople. So, what people say online about your business matters, and client testimonial videos are a great way to harness the power of the online word-of-mouth economy.

Want to see what client testimonial videos look like? Check out this video we filmed for Grace Real Estate: