slider video v.s.. gimble video

we offer two styles of real estate videos, that use different equipment, and vary in time, effort and cost.

what is a slider and what do the shots look like

a slider mimics the movement of a dolly as seen in hollywood films. the slider is usually a 1 meter long metal track that sits on top of a tripod and allows the camera operator to slide the camera horizontally left and right (or forward and backward) across the 1 meter track. other types of camera movements that can be done here are panning (pivoting the camera left and right), and tilting (pivoting the camera up and down). because these movement are done manually, it is difficult to combine two or three of these camera movements at once.

example link to slider video tour:

what is a gimble and what do the shots look like

a gimble is a motorized piece of equipment that is used to hold and stabilize the camera by counter balancing the camera when it is moved in the X, Y and/or Z positions, providing the camera operator with the ability to walk freely with the camera in any direction. this is a more advanced shooting style that requires specialized equipment and training especially when it comes to producing quality real estate video. there are an endless variety of camera movements available when shooting on a gimble as you can imagine.

why we charge more for gimble style video tours

put simply, specialized equipment and training, experience, more time shooting, more time editing

example link to gimble video tour: